Graham watkinson

Graham Watkinson

Project Sales Manager

Realising that Graham’s dream of being a Formula 1 racing driver is probably over he has worked in the lighting industry for the last 11 years. F1’s loss is certainly Optelma's gain as since joining in early 2014 he has quickly established himself as a key member of the London project sales team and has worked on several high profile projects such as Hunter Boots retail store on Regent Street and Selfridges.

Graham enjoys pushing the boundaries of design to create concepts that meet needs of designers and architects and isn’t afraid to ignore the safe option in pursuit of perfection – much to the annoyance of the Optelma production team.

Ask Graham what his favourite project is and you will always get the same answer: ‘they are all my favourite projects!’.

Graham is Project Sales Manager for London and also covers East Anglia and the Midlands.

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Lighting Design

Optelma offers a lighting design service to support its own product range. This is a free service offered by our dedicated design team; a particularly useful facility for smaller projects where the client may not see the value of a specialist lighting design consultancy.